About HYM

The HYM Investment Group, LLC is a Boston based real estate company focused on the acquisition, development and management of complicated urban mixed-use projects.  Current projects include: NorthPoint in Cambridge, The Government Center Garage, and Waterside Place in the Seaport District. 

HYM is focused on creating significant value for our investors by recognizing real estate opportunities where others may not.  We then construct and execute a plan for the signature real estate assets that are found in each opportunity.  Each asset is treated as a unique business opportunity and each asset plan seeks to cause the real estate to reconnect, energize and enhance the urban communities of which it is a part.   

For over 35 years, HYM’s principals have been working on real estate ventures in the Boston, New York and Washington DC corridor.  HYM is now focused on assets that, due to a variety of factors (complexity, permitting, logistics or costs), have not been able to achieve their potential for either the investors or communities.